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2010 Bowl Mania Winner - 'sabbath1897'


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Looks like 'sabbath1897' will win the 2010 Bowl Mania Challenge with between 392 points.


With two games left, no one can get closer than 390 by 'CNCATL' if they win out, so that makes sabbath1897 TheBrownsBoard Winner.


"Tell'em what he won Johnny!!!!"



On behalf of TheBrownsBoard.com we would like to congratulate you on an outstanding performance in the 2010 Bowl Mania Challenge. This contest is a fan favorite among our fantasy leagues, so you are the envy.


With that said, we would like to present sabbath1897 with this virtual trophy. Sabbath1897, please feel free to download it on premium photo paper and place it next to your computer system:


(Actual size)


but that's not all sabbath1897 has won ... "Tell him what else they've won Johnny!!"


Not only will sabbath1897 have his/her name inscribed on the front page of TheBrownsBoard.com for all to admire, but sabbath1897 has also earned bragging rights for an entire year! That's right, when you see a fellow BrownsBoard member, make sure you remind them who won the 2010 Bowl Mania Challenge. Send out postcards weekly reminding your friends, and make sure Mom and Dad tell all and post the accomplishment in future facebook & twitter updates.


Congratulations sabbath1897, from TheBrownsBoard.com


See the Orginal 2010 Bowl Mania Challenge Thread: here

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That's my son, Andy, who won. He's a big Browns fan as well...his favorite game was the 51-0 shutout of Pittsburgh in 1989 (he was born in 1994) :)


He was more concerned with beating me, as usual, and ends up taking the whole enchilada.


Go Browns!!

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