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Weis and Crennel to be reunited


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Looks like the Chiefs are gonna hire Weis as OC and Crennel as DC.


So now they have Mike Vrabel, Matt Cassell, Scott Pioli, RAC as they await Charlie Weis. What's more important - all those guys or the tag team of Tom Brady and BB?


Worth noting, Charlie Weis and RAC got fired when they didn't have this tag team. Okay, Mangini did too but 2 of his 3 years were winning seasons in NY. Mangini won 10 games in his first year without them while Josh McDaniels only went 8-8.


This might sound like extremely creative spin BUT which 9-7 record was better in NY? The one where their last 2 opponents took a knee by resting important starters, game plans and efforts? Or the one that had to earn every victory? What happens if Favre's arm stays healthy in the final 5 weeks of 08? I thought I remembered them being the first team to shread the undefeated Titans at the time. Point of the matter is NY fans and media are acting like they improved so much when in reality they needed their last 2 opponents to take a knee in order to attain 9-7. Didn't they fire Mangini because they didn't like 9-7? Interesting.


I'm not sure if anyone else is thinking this BUT the last 2 teams that played the Jets have terrible memories of losing to Pittsburgh after wonderful regular seasons. I GET that part of this was resting key players and game plans for bigger games ahead. However, I also think a BIG part of Indy not caring about remaining undefeated was prefering to see the Jets in the playoffs counting on a rookie QB, Braylon's inconsistencies and possibilities of rendering a 1 dimensional offense useless if they should have to play from behind. When you throw backups out their like Painter in lieu of Manning and guys that rarely play together - you can SHOW effort but that doesn't show me you WANT to win that game. Hating Pittsburgh the way I do, this couldn't have played out any better for me.

- Tom F.

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