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If you were the new GM...


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So, I am new to the board and respectfully am joining a lot of other team boards to discuss football. I am a Carolina Panthers fan, but don't kill me on this.


At our forum we are playing a game to keep us busy during the off-season...the link...http://www.carolinahuddle.com/forum/carolina-panthers/28380-2010-off-season-mock-sign-up-march.html


Anyway, I am the 'GM' of the Browns.


I wanted to ask fans what they thought that the Browns should do to make your team better...trading, drafting, and what your biggest needs are.


I think the Browns made a great run like the Panthers toward the end of the season. It sounds like a lot of you are happy on the decision to keep Mangini, as am I with Fox, although a lot of others are not. Anyway, here's to a fun offseason, and Good Luck next year!

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Without putting much thought into it... this is my first instinct


stay away from big money free agents .... but bring in guys of experience and team first character.. guy who want to play the damn game!



I would draft a day 1 RT and a day 1 stud ass hard hitting safety!


Also, I would make cribbs happy and resign vickers, harrision, jackson to name a few.

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FA: Stay away from big ticket free agents unless there is someone young and worthy. For ex. (if Dallas lets Miles Austin walk). I would also be intrigued by Merriman after a good evaluation of his health and if his salary demands arent out of this world. He will be back in form next season.


Resign: Must resign Jackson, Cribbs, Harrison, Vickers


Trade Away: Derek Anderson (probably get a 6th or 7th for him); Corey Williams (now a non-starter)


Cut: Jamal Lewis if he decides to return, Eric Barton,


Keep: Donte Stallworth when he is reinstated (Everyone deserves a 2nd chance + some of the money he makes will be going to the family, so it helps them out in a small way. We desperately need more help at WR)





1st round: Eric Berry if he falls, or Ronaldo McClain

2nd round: Jermaine Gresham, Jonathan Dwyer, or Bryan Bulaga (OT from Iowa)

3rd round: Anthony Hernadez, Jordan Shipley, Anthony Dixon,


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