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Funny article: I found it in the comment section on cleveland.com


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Ah, the grades are in and further exemplify, the battle between two future journeymen quarterbacks.


Think how putrid they both were, if it took a week before the opener to determine who was less putrid than the other.


Everyone criticizes Daboll, as an offensive coordinator, except he was only able to open half the play book, because one QB, can't throw long, and the other can't throw short.


It took half the season to get J.Lewis to come to terms with his retirement party, and then the running game flourished and the starting QB, could function, as the journeyman they are destined to be.


Now close your eyes halfway, and imagine the same, end of the season running game, with an off season enhancement at RT, and a NFL caliber QB, (Yes, I'm talking being able to throw short & long...yep in the same person), and the whole team advances.


Quinn, may be kept to manage the offense, however he is headed for the bench as designated "backup journeyman", while DA will be allowed to test the free agent market. God bless you Sasquatch.



Here is your ESPN crawl, Circa 2021:.....Brady Quinn was signed as backup quarterback for the (Fill in the blank of bottom feeder), and will also double as strenght coach, The signing marks the 9 team that Quinn has been with since his draft day selection as #1 by the Cleveland Browns...........Following the game, in a related story,.... a "60 minute " segment will reveal the genetic details of former Brown substitute, pro bowler, Derrick Anderson, and the possible link in his ancestry to the mysterious legend Sacquash. There have been reported sightings of the mytical beast rustling through the neighbor's dumpsters near Anderson's Oregon home."


"60 minutes" will be seen immediately following the game, except on the west coast"




Read the last part, it is so funny.

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