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Josh Cribbs contract update


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CLEVELAND -- The agent for Browns receiver Josh Cribbs said today that he's had "very positive'' dialogue with the Browns in the past week about Cribbs' contract and that Cribbs and his team are optimistic now about a good outcome.


"We've talked to (Browns president) Mike Holmgren and (general manager) Tom Heckert and we have an understanding that we're going to work together on this,'' agent J.R. Rickert told The Plain Dealer. "We have a much clearer indication that something can be worked out and that it's not just lip service.''


Rickert said Holmgren and Heckert "made it clear to us that they had not made a take-it-or-leave-it proposition or a final offer. The tone and tenor were very positive and we feel this is something we're going to sit down and work on. Josh feels very good about it.''


On Jan. 6, Cribbs and his agents said they were insulted by the Browns lowball $1.4 million offer, which they said was presented to them by Dawn Aponte, vice president of football administration. Aponte is still employed by the Browns, but The Plain Dealer reported that she might leave to join the Dolphins.


The next day, Cribbs went to Berea and cleaned out his locker, saying he felt "it's over for me in Cleveland.'' Cribbs, who will play in his second Pro Bowl on Jan. 31 and made the AP All-Pro team as the starting returner, had vowed he wouldn't play under his current contract, which runs through 2012. His agents said he would ask for a trade by March 4, the start of the new league year, if they hadn't budged from their offer.


Now, all of that has changed. Holmgren stepped in and immediately did some damage control, stressing during a press conference last week that the $1.4 million was not a final offer.


"No numbers have been exchanged, but we definitely have a much clearer sense from the team where they see Josh -- and an understanding that they're willing to negotiate,'' Rickert said.


He said the ball is in the Browns' court in terms of when and how negotiations will take place and they've been busy assembling their personnel staff this week. Cribbs is also busy, organizing help for Haitian earthquake victims and donating a large sum of money. He's also preparing for the Pro Bowl next week.

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Hey, has anyone heard any kind of update on Cribbs' contract negotiations? A guy I work with claims that he saw on the news that the Browns offer is up to 2.5/yr and that Cribbs and his agent have said they like the deal. I don't know how true that is. Does anyone have any info?

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strong relationships are forged over time. it's now clear Cribbs isn't going anywhere. in fact, he's apparently on Holmgren's disaster-relief speed dial.


a long time ago waiting tables i learned that most really bad situations can actually be great opportunities. the customer has an idea of how you can make the situation right in their mind. by exceeding their expectations in that critical moment you can often obtain a customer for life...and it didn't always have to be financially driven--in fact creative methods were preferred.


this Holmgren has some finesse about him. he's a "players President". call it a hunch but i have a feeling these guys are gonna form a strong bond and we'll see more of the same from Josh Cribbs throughout the Holmgren/Mangini dynasty. well, throughout the first decade at least. ;)

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