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How the bark is falling off the ugly Obamao tree


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Well, gosh.




I wonder if a lib will respond that I am posting nonsense here.


It's kinda hard to refute that the bark is falling off the ugly Obamao tree now.


Although, I suppose Heck may be still wanting to be totally drenched in Egypt.....

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Dont count on anyone to admit they voted for obama, unless they are diehard communists.



Do you think that Obammo will start to change his policies since he lost his super majority? Will this get him re-elected?

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No, he won't change.


A good group of Dems will... though.


But Obamao is who he is, it's all he has known, it's been his


identity. He self-actualized during his early youth as a radical.


To change would be admitting that he is invalid in his identity.


ps - That's no nonsense.

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Say, another day of not being demonized, hated, and name called for offering up some legit negative info on Obama. Well, at least in this thread... @@


Things are lookin up.

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oops. This thread is now demonized by Heck for being linked to by Drudge.


which, apparently, makes this truthful information completely unwarranted and we should


not talk about it, not admit it's true, and keep it very quiet.


Too bad we can't go back to the old days when anti Cheney/Bush sentiments were in the hundreds every week.


Now, THAT was popular with the libs. They were happy back then.


Meanwhile, Obamao is now the most divisive, out of touch with America, and fastest to lose bark of his tree,


than any other president in U.S. history.


BTW, Shep, mzbeetlejuice et all, left the Browns forum, too, because they couldn't control the content.


And it had nothing to do with me, or T, or K, or Steve, or John...

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The bark is falling off in Indonesia, too:


Meanwhile, apparently Obama is only eating and... here in our U.S., and


wanting to dump it on us.


Hah, he's been found out here already.





"Barack Obama has yet to make a significant contribution to the Indonesian nation. We could say


Obama only ate and s (expletive) in Menteng. He spent his subsequent days living as an American,"


the web page says.



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And because of this site, and Fox News, and a few others, we find out that the Obamao admin is corrupt, heavy handed, Chicago style.


Obama is now "the man" that Shep protested about before the last pres election:



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One more... referring to Obamao's moves, intentions, and the communist party in this country:





In a longer article by Randall Hoven, his conclusions were:


If not already painfully obvious to you, let me point out a few things:



(1) Obama's policy agenda and that of the CPUSA are in perfect alignment: more stimuli; green jobs; global warming; public sector jobs; more regulation and, in fact, restructuring of the entire economy; eventual single-payer health care, with the public option being critical to any immediate plan; union-friendly legislation; cutting defense spending; engaging and normalizing relations with the US's mortal enemies like Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers and the reigning mullah's of Iran; claiming victory in Iraq as their own.



(2) Obama's political approach is also in perfect harmony with that of the CPUSA's. The method is gradualism. Overall, Obama is doing pretty well at achieving CPUSA's goals under the current political circumstances. The Left should not expect immediate and radical changes. And of all things, the Left should not "define the current struggle as one that arrays the people against President Obama. That's not Marxism; it's plain stupid."



(3) Mr. Webb expects a lousy economy to continue. Specifically, he expects the "L-shaped" recovery. But this "long period of economic stagnation" will be an excuse for continued government intervention. As Lenin supposedly said, "the worse the better."



(4) Socialism is the objective.




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