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Urban Meyer Channels Richard Dawkins


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Before starting, obviously I'm a Tennessee fan, so I'm biased. On the other hand, I've got another two, three years before I leave Knoxville, so it's not bloody likely thaty I'm going to see Tennessee beat Florida before I leave regardless of who the coach is.


Now that that's out of the way, here's Urban Meyer announcing his resignation:


>>Meyer, 45, says he consulted with his family, his doctors, school president Bernie Machen and athletic director Jeremy Foley before deciding it is in his best interest to focus on his health and family. Meyer told his wife and three children on Christmas he planned to quit as Florida coach, The Times reported.


He told The Times his daughter Nicki, 18, hugged him and said, "I get my daddy back."


"I saw it as a sign from God that this was the right thing to do," Meyer told The Times of his daughter's reaction. "I was worried about letting people down. I was feeling so awful and concerned about my health. That was among several other signs that said it's time to back away."<<


A great story--his daughter was delighted to "get her daddy back," which indicated to Meyer that God Himself wanted him to step down.


Apparently Meyer has spent the last couple of weeks reading The God Delusion, because apparently the whole "diving plan" thing turned out to be a real load:


>>Florida coach Urban Meyer is working out, eating better and has gained 20 pounds since the end of the season -- all good news for the Gators.


As for that leave of absence?


Well, it might not even happen. Or at least not like anyone thought it would.


"I keep hearing about this time out," Meyer said. "People I'm closest to are going to demand I take some time off, but I tried that already. I tried a day and a half, and it didn't work."<<


I'll give this to Meyer: most coaches will lie like dogs to other people's kids and tell the truth at home. At least he's consistent enough to lie to his family, too.



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You're getting that Tennessee "thang" down Bubba...at least the hating part. You haven't pick up the orange glasses yet since at least you still have a lick of sense and know the Vols probably ain't beating the Gator's anytime soon.


But hey, upsets happen. You can always hope.

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