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Playoff factoid

The Gipper

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Just a few factoids about this years playoffs:


This was the 2d time the Jets and Bengals played in the post season

This was the 3rd time the Cowboys and Eagles played in the postseason

This was only the 2d time the Packers and Cardinals played a postseason game, despite both teams having been in the league together since 1921.

This was the first ever Ravens/Patriots postseason matchup

This was the 2d time the Ravens and Colts played in the postseason

The Saints/Cards game was their first ever postseason matchup

The Vikings and Cowboys met this year for the 7th time in postseason (most of any matchup this year.)

The Chargers and Jets met for the 2d time in postseason play

The Saints and Vikings met for the 3rd time in postseason

The Colts and the Jets met for the 3rd time in postseason, including the famous Super Bowl III

Finally, this will be the first ever matchup between the Saints and Colts in post season play.

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More factoids:


Throughout history, the following teams have had the most different playoff opponents among the 32 (or 31 other) current NFL teams:


1. Packers.....20 opponents

1. Cowboys....20 opponents

3. Raiders......19 opponents

3. Steelers.....19 opponents

3. Dolphins.....19 opponents

3. Rams.........19 opponents



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