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Who is Ellie Light?

Mr. T

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Who is Ellie Light?


I predict you’ll start seeing the question as a popular bumper sticker soon (a la “Who is John Galt?”…and voila, someone has already made a t-shirt!). It’s a handy rhetorical rejoinder the next time the White House or your nutroots neighbors and co-workers try to tar the Tea Party or any other grass-roots revolts against President Obama as phony, top-down operations.


When Obama’s Soros-funded, Big Labor-directed, K Street-organized goons engage in classic projection and you need a glib way to call out the pot calling the kettle black, just snap back: "Who is Ellie Light?"


A Cleveland Plain Dealer blog first broke the story over the weekend of a “suspicious” letter-writer named “Ellie Light” who submitted more than a dozen pro-Obama letters to the editors in recent weeks using addresses from Philadelphia to California and all points in between. Open-source-optimizing blogger Patterico has added much more information on both “Donald Trump Astroturfing” (”a letter published in multiple places from one person claiming to live in multiple cities”) and “David Axelrod Astroturfing” (”identical letters published in multiple places claiming to be from different people”).


Kudos to the Plain Dealer for smoking out the initial ringer and Patterico and his readers/tipsters for delving deeper. But so much for the rest of the vaunted gate-keepers of the Fourth Estate, eh?


The bogus letters are just the latest example of Obama theater — doctors in costumes, town hall stage props, trumped-up Obamacare anecdotes, kiddie proxies, etc., etc., etc. Underscoring this administration’s dependence on centrally planned, teleprompter-dependent perpetual campaigns of manufactured support, the other half of Obama’s Astroturf Twin Power — David Plouffe — will soon rejoin Chicago cronies David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and the rest to rescue the Democrats in a new expanded role as outside White House adviser.

Obama Turfers



Because of where Obama's poll numbers are, we are going to get bombarded with all of the nosense like we did during his campaign.


But IMO it still wont work, so look for in the near future to be called a a racist for not liking the policies of the community organizer and chief.


We just might hear new names thrown out there other than some we have allready heard of, like teabagger and birther. but like always we will here the race card played time and time again. Just wait until Mr. teleprompter gives yet another unprecedented state of the union speech. :)


After Wednesday nights big giveaway promises will his poll numbers rise? I have just heard on ABC that he intends to have another socialized giveaway to be placed upon all employers. IRA/401K sounds nice but when your businesses are already under such taxation and regulation without any help from the economy this is just another slap in the face.


The commander and Nihilist just doesn't get it.

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Actually, it is said to be more than 43 newspapers so far. It's the same person, same letter.. same name.


But that person uses different addresses around the country.


researchers believe the bogus addresses seem more legit in California, where the


person may be living and knows the territory.


But hopefully, it's just a matter of time.


Smoke and mirrors. The "people" are so stupid, they think, that they can manipulate them with lies, frauds, etc.


To a point, they are a bit right, for some people.


But they've been found out now. And the tide is turning.


When leftists take power, they will do anything to keep it. Which means, they will take control over


anything they can get their hands on, by any deceit necessary.



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It's all about fraud and manipulation.


Like, there were all sorts of incidences where his campaign funds came from


"people" who lived at non-existent addresses, like one was from a tool shed at


an airport, near as they could tell.


Corruption to get power.

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