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I was dreaming about making documentary about Obamao and leftists


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Couldn't sleep last night. Well, it must have been the coffee and donuts... GGG


But, I was thinking that I'd make a documentary about the corruption of the leftists, especially the Obamao admin.


Union thugs beating up on innocent folks because they disagreed with liberals/progressives "goals", proposing/advocating


communist Mao's statement about power "the way to power is by the barrel of the gun"... which two members of Obamao's


inner circle of appointees have actually said, either directly, or implied.


Secret meetings, endless arguments against everything American values - family vs gay marriage, God vs anti Christianity everywhere,

patriotism vs endless exaggerated problems, a vile contempt for everything American.


Intentionally repeated lies and whispers to undermine the "other" American people, to wear them down, make them tired of defending

their country, their military, their heroes, their God, their decent American values, their unborn..., their military, their success,

their government, their favorite news shows, their favorite conservative media people, their way of life.....


...make Americans so tired by being out-talked and endlessly harangued, that they will give up arguing back, give up defending, give up believing, give up caring through being

lambasted by all sides, or intimidated via violence/threats of violence, humilated, assaulted, attacks on family members, demonized at every chance.....


a movement that seeks to profoundly, arrogantly want total dominant power over all citizens' lives, every control possible, over the entire country,

in a new government that looks to the "successes" of the revolution in Venzuela, Cuba....


There's clips of those statements, lauding Mao and Chavez on Youtube, by current members of Obamao's inner circle.


But last night, I finally got up, letting my wonderful cute Wife sleep, and went into the tv room and watched tv for a while.


And I saw the documentary I was making, in lieu of a desire to count sheep......... had already been made.


True story.


The movie, a docudrama, loosely based on a true story, was made in 1951. I starred Frank Lovejoy and Dorothy Hart.


The title was "I Was a Communist for the FBI".


It was about the FBI recruiting a Pittsburg steelworker Matt Cvetic, to infiltrate the communists party group that

was controlling his union.


And all of the above things I mentioned, that are true about the Obamao admin, leftists in Congress, SEIU and ACORN?


Were right there in the movie.


Some of the same statements I've heard, same actions, same corrupt "union" subversive activities of our American way.


those communists even said in their meetings to shout the loyal Americans down, ridicule them, intimidate them, make them tired, take away their voice in any opposition.


It's now, the "Chicago Way".


The movie was on TCM - Turner Classic Movies ...


You should watch it. You would be shocked to see the close resemblence of what's going on today, to what was going on before,

by communist subversives.


Which, some of the insane, repetitive intimidation and arguments against every single -American- thing on this board, is also eeriely similar.

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