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NC Police Chief bans sales of guns because of ... SNOW?


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Did the buffoon ban sales of baseball bats, and cars, tire irons, crossbows and pieces of rope, too?


good grief. "The most ignorant chief of police in N.C."


What do ya think, T ?



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Well atleast they didn't ban the concealed carry classes on saturday. I think my next weapon of choice will be a glock 22.


I cant wait for the advanced classes, we learned a lot thanks to the new instuctor who is with tier1 group, They train PD's all over the US. In all, the 8 hour class went as long as 12 hours. With about 11 hours in the class room.


As far as ABC being shut down, I have no ideal but Im sure there was a lot of pissed off people who could not supply their SB parties. :lol: cheers!

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T, I know a Glock is a fine gun, but a .22?


Not the popular 9mm?39 special ? (even though the latter ammo is more expensive...)



I thought the same thing until looked the over. The glock 22 is the model number its a 40 caliber.




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ah. -ahem-.


"Never mind"




I heard one gun shop guy say, that the 40 caliber doesn't explode as much as it pushes the




It didn't make any kind of sense to me.

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It is true that with less recoil like you will get with a 9mm semi auto you will be able to get more lead flying into the air. But you also need to find a hand gun that you are comfortable with, I witnessed people who just purchased new hand guns out there who didn't have a clue that it did not fit their hand. IMO you need to find your comfort zone.

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our 9mm is small enough to be concealed, but is still big enough to fit my hand, only because it comes with

two types of clip bottoms. One is straight, and one is extended, with a last finger grip built in. The latter was standard, came with it installed.


It feels great in holding it by both of us, made in the U.S. 5 star rating in different reviews ...


I was going to go cc classes with a friend, a kind of "adopted" brother-in-law.


But, two weeks before Christmas, he died at home, out of the blue, from an embolism, I think it was.


Anyways, I had two of the guns in his big collection to check them out. He was going to come over


and we were going to shoot em.


But, that happened. His widow told her sister to tell me that I was to keep them, that was an order.


One is an H&R 9 shot .22 revolver, and the other a .22 magnum semi-automatic. The H&R even comes with a key, so

you can lock the trigger at the base of the grip..


He and I had taken them to a local gunsmith, the magnum is more a collector's item, for a lack of quality heat-treating of the firing pin and parts...


my friend said I was welcome to trade it in, he'd just give it to me,... we hadn't bought our 9mm yet.


But, on a trade in, they only will give you about 65%, so that's out.


The glock is a very fine quality weapon, from most any report I've heard...

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I used to have an old HR 22 mag revolver, they made those in a match pair. Very nice to go out and shoot with.


Those 22's do make nice revolvers to carry a long if you are a trapper, you never know when you will need it. Now trapping, thats something I haven't done in quite a while.


One thing I would check with older revolvers is that the cylinder locks into position while pulling back on the trigger, Make Sure its unloaded before attempting. Have someone double check it for safety reasons other than yourself.


IMO: anybody who handles firearms needs to take a CC class, even if you dont want the CC permit the information one will gain may save your life or anothers.


But if you ever get this guy in the video as an instructor you might want to run. Notice how he does his safety inspection before handling the handgun.

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That DEA agent is a disgrace, unless for some asinine reason, he had a blank in it,


for "making a point".


I just can't believe there was live ammo in that gun.


I'll check around for an excellent cc instructor.


That H&R is brand new, still in the box. May never have been fired,


he got the big collection from his Dad, who had been a special forces guy


way back in the Army. There are three more exactly like it, back in the collection !


The gunsmith figured it had never been fired. It's a really nice gun.


Except, I went out and fired it, and I couldn't believe how freakin LOUD it was.


That was dumb. For some stupid reason, I thought it would be as "quiet" as my .22


rifle. "doi"


Like I've probably said before, when I was a kid in the fourth grade, I spent a year hiking our farm with


my Dad, treating a toy rifle like a real gun, obeying all the rules he taught me. That next year, I got a .22 in the summer,


and a 12 gauge shotgun, both of which I still have, and will never part with.


I really like the H&R .22. But I don't think it will stop a black bear, mountain lion in early spring,


charging us. Like, "they will just be half starving AND angry"....


The other day, my Wife and Bernie and I walked out through our woods, and well out back, we saw 12 deer.


Western Diamondback rattlers, copperheads, tarantulas a foot long...


LOL... that last line was great fun when the 11 yr old guy next door, (his parents are divorced), hiked


all the way around the soybean field, to hike with us...


But he caught on to being kidded when I got to the part about the spiders... GGG

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