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Get McNabb: Draft McCoy & Pike--Release DA and Ratliffe

Riffer X

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I'd love to bring McNabb in here without giving up something ridiculous. As I've said in the past, I'm also a proponent of drafting two QB's, of which I favor McCoy and Pike 3rd to 5th rounds. Get DA's ass out of here for good and since Ratiliffe hasn't proven diddly let him go too.


You want to revamp the QB's on this roster, that's what you do. The least developed of your draft picks can be practice squad material or if you don't want to risk them getting picked up trade Queen for some Shawn Kemp popcorn. Preferably, I'd like to keep Queen around as a viable backup to McNabb while the youngsters develop. There is also the possibility that he can still become a good QB, especially with the new lower body workout regimen and a solid vet like McNabb to learn from.


Quinn was badly mismanaged here but what is often overlooked is that his mentor was basically freaking Dexter. Derek Bear being a mentor to anybody is a terrifying thought, but this is what I would do to finally correct our QB situation.


At that point you can have trade value down the road with the QB you decide not to keep.

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