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This is a ploy for more money for Texas in the Big 12.


The way that conference is set up they don't share the revenue equally from the bowl games and TV contracts and Texas would actually get more money if it was part of the Big 11 (err 10).


There also is some lingering hard feelings on Texas' part for not being selected to the Big 12 Championship two years ago even though they beat Oklahoma and had the same record as Oklahoma.


In my opinion the best thing to do for all sides is the NCAA steps in and corrects the revenue disparity in the Big 12 and somehow pressures Notre Dame to join the Big 10 by removing their big money guarantees to BCS games if they achieve a certain number of wins against mediocre teams (except the annual loss to USC) and NBC withdraws it's exclusive contract with them for a college "game of the week" type format for NBC. This would keep the integrity of the Big 12 and stop the Big 10 from trying to raid another conference for a 12th team that may or may not fit geographically into the Big 10's midwestern base.



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Texas talking tthe Big Ten wanting in. They dont want any of the Big 10

And apparently, the English language wants none of you.


You should file a class action lawsuit against whatever school district reared you, and obvioulsy misappropriated their budget.


"The Texas Longhorns Football Team is discussing changing their division, and moving to the Big Ten. In my opinion, that would be a poor decision, as the Big Ten is a more competitive division."



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