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NBA All Star Weekend


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First and foremost, How in the hell Charles Barkley have a job? All he does is be an arrogant ass on the TV, there is not another obnoxious person doing games as he is. Second, was that Slam Dunk contest for real, that shit was the weakest I have ever seen, even though its truly amazing to watch Nate the great leap. All the other guys just flat out sucked. Third, Congrats to Paul Pierce on the 3 points shootout. He is one of the best players in the game and he showed he can hit the long ball. 4th, Steve Nash you are a Hero to all up and coming point guards in the world.

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5th, 22 points and 23 rebounds for DeJuan Blair in the rookie game.


Here's a look at Christian Eyenga's stats.





As much asI hate the pick last year, I think it was just to save money for this year. Blair is a stud and is going to be dminate for years to come.

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