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From the Mouths of Horses

Chicopee John

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What we're seeing now, is that those stimuli were for two purposes:


1. CYA for later - (why, if we hadn't been so brilliant to have done that stiumulus, we would have lost every job


in America, been invaded by killer aliens from a distant planet)


2. Marxist class envy - They pandered to the right and left to get elected, promised everything, while having


genuine solutions to nothing, and simply went about their marxist/progressive/liberal/communist/socialist agenda


with a vengence after they got elected. The passing of tarp funds gained power, the passing of stimulus bills just


gave out money all over the place, to glean permanent support for have nots/other orgs that are supporters of their


agenda, and other giveaways to make a giant "get those nasty successful Americans, they stole your money" splash.


THAT is why they couldn't care less what was IN the bill, they just wanted a bill that spent a hell of a lot of money.


THAT is why, it didn't do zilch what they said it would. It was never intended to create jobs.


Our debt has already put us in desperate territory, and they are already admitting/considering a "national economic crisis"


as an excuse for "changing their minds" and taxing every above poverty American out the wazoo, which Obamao "PROMISED"


he would not do.


Well, he has broken most all the promises he's made before, with arrogant and maybe profound corruption with a fascist bent.


We are in big, big trouble. We are being manipulated into a dire situation... to justify... what....

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consumers need to earn.... To turn around and buy..... The market is all about perception of future profit and the CONFIDENCE it can happen.


The bailouts are designed to prop up social/consumer CONFIDENCE and loan businesses to keep this massive feedback cycle going...... This is not rocket science just basic macro economics nor is it some political conspiracy theory..... That is Why BOTH parties pushed it


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The only folks who were propped up were the Wall Street bankers, crooks meanwhile mainstreet is faced with less earnings, 10% unemployment and not to mention how many are taking less money (under-employed).


So where is consumer confidence? When we have millions without work or little work dont expect the market to pick up where it left off 2 years ago. And should we alos talk about inflation during these times? what is the true rate? Also lets factor in those living off of medicare and the fact since the start of the new year a lot of prescription drugs are no longer covered. Thats confidence. :unsure:


So you are right sev, Now is a great time to invest into Wall Street, "They are to big to Fail". But remind yourself, what is good for Wall St. is not what is always good for Main St.



Does anyone think that the Fed is to big to fail? Who is going to bail them out when the need arises.

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Both parties pushed the first stupid stimulus bill, because Dems wanted it, and Obama was elected,


and Bush went for it.


NOW? the second stimulus bill was even more bogus, Obama took advantage of the tarp funds,


grabbed more power, the stimulus went to more perks for favorite Dems and Dem supporters than any of us


can believe, including ACORN and SEIU.


Geez Sev, and you wonder why there is no confidence resulting from this outlandish and gigantically expensive fraud?


Right. BUY STUFF so Obama can give MORE OF IT AWAY to the have nots, the liberal activist organizations, the


funds to reward those states whose reps and sens give Obama all the power he wants...


No confidence, Sev. Just a lot of valid consternation of the about face of this marxist admin.


Look at the statements, the videos of the people all around Obamao, Sev. They mean business, and their business


is NOT what they said when Obamao campaigned, and it is NOT what Americans thought they were buying.


Obamao is a trojan horse full of really bad enemies of all of us, our Constitution, our economic system, God, Life/Liberty/Pursuit of Happiness,


our military, everything American about us all.


I wish I had a good dutch cocoa cookie recipe. I need cookies. I have to go check my cookbooks now. @@

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call the market was in the 6000 when Obama came in now it trades in the 10000............. that is confidence plain and simple.


there are international debt dynamics playing...... this is not simple and some weird conspiracy thing like the tea party types are all in a furor over.


Cal I dont like the dems in congress for the most part........ just like I dont like the Republicans either........ both serve different special interest not us. The free market (which I am a heavy believer in) plays by a very specific set of rules that both parties support for the most part.(special interest funding)


seriously cal take a breather things are not as bad as you keep screaming about....... lets see where we are in year 3 of his term.


Every new president is like a new venture capital business....... initial investment in the first year might be a loss by the middle to end of the second you should see positive direction, the third you better see cashflow positive direction...... the 4th unless it is due to more infrastructure investment (after proof of concept is proven on the market) results should be pretty evident if the business concept works.


its WAY too early to make any sense IF his leadership and direction are negative or positive.... overall it SEEMS like at least Wall street is STABLE which is not what it was FACTUALLY. lets see how Pakistan/Afghanistan works out in 18 more months..... lets see how this health care thing ends up and by than if the GLOBAL market stabilized we should see GDP growth (we already have by the way) consistently as well real estate stability....


The unemployment rate may NEVER really go down to much.... (legacy low skill manufacturing jobs and other bloated financial and service sector jobs) should NOT come back. population escalation plus and emphasis on higher tech/green/efficient more skilled (higher education requirements)......


Like it or not we dont operate in an American only bubble our jobs and economy are now massively affected the Global Market.



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Unemployment is going up, up up.


And Obamao has alienated companies with his Chavez like heavy-handedness across the board.


He has alienated a lot of Democrats who did NOT bargain for a charismatic leader who said a lot of


good things for the sole reason to get elected, who then proceeded to become the vacuum salesman


you let into your home, only to find out he's a rabid werewolf.


The silver bulltets are now being put into place. It's already happened with Ted Kennedy's seat,


wait til 2010 gets here. Some common sense AMERICAN FIRST Dems are bailing on the follow Obamao


to Chavez hell train. They are jumping, rolling and running from the tracks.,


because inflation is starting to hit, the anger of rising unemployment with the value of the dollar going down,


... I think we are going to crash, that's all.

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I don't think the market has anything to do with confidence in Obama. It was about 9000 when he was elected, then fell to the 6000's by the time he took office. It was on over correction, which the markets have a tendency to do.


.......... really the market has nothing to do with the president during a time of bailouts by the federal government and how the FEDERAL government LED by the white house has nothing to do with BANKING AND INSURANCE/SECURITIES bailouts....... really.......


wow thats new to me.


let me get this straight this is JUST an overcorrection that is natural...... so if AIG and the major bank bailouts and indymac Fannie/Freddie were not bailout recipients were not bailout by the FEDERAL government the market would be trading in the 10k range and more cascading banks all linked to the big ones would have just corrected themselves...... O and Chrysler and GM with all of the supplying industries and linking businesses would have just corrected themselves....


That has to be the most oversimplified incorrect post EVER.

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