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Oscars 2010 discussion

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Oscar time 2010


So it’s Oscar season, gang, and it looks like the academy has taken a page from the NFL book.

We have an extra week of wild card playoffs not so much to include more deserving teams but to make more money from ticket, merchandise and advertising revenue.

Great. It also means your team might get an extra week or two on TV.

As I look over the long list of best picture nominees, it’s hard to imagine that anybody thinks these films are undiscovered gems and I’m well past the notion that these guys are in it for the art.

Seriously even with five nominees there will be the occasional “Huh?” in there. GHOST comes to mind.

It isn’t that GHOST sucked it’s just that one should hope that a film up for the best of the year would really be something special.

There are a lot of GHOSTs on the roster this season and I’ll try to sort them all out before the big day. I’ll deal with a couple today. DISTRICT 9 and THE BLIND SIDE will be under the scope today. They’re not all that timely but with the selection to the finals they’ll likely get a second wind in the theaters.


I'll get to all the best pics before the big day.



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