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Stuff you never know til it happens


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First of all, I just found out, that when I use Mozilla Firefox, I cannot edit the body of any reply. I thought]

I was partially banned or something.

Then, just a few minutes ago, I tried it with Internet Explorer, and no problem.

Wow. It doesn't do it on the Browns forum at all. Just the political board. Anybody have any idea?



So, My wonderful cute Wife, Bernie Kosar and I were walking out back, through our woods.

On our way back, we met up with a couple of neighbors - one a friend. The other guy has a small biz,

and they were out taking their kids on sled rides behind their ATV's.


All of our neighbors are welcome hike and stuff on our farm, no hot rodding or anything like that...

anyways, the one guy we hadn't met said he was glad to meet us, he'd heard a lot of fine things about us

from several neighbors.


He stopped by about two weeks later. Pulled up in the driveway, and asked if I had given up on IT, or if I was looking.

I said I've been trying to figure out a new direction to go in, that what I had been doing is pretty much obsolete in the Akron/Canton area.

So, he forwarded an email to me, with his friends' email.


Turns out, he owns his own small biz, and his friend is an upper level web designer, a kind of old school guy, who had to give up

on what he had been doing for the same reason. And his friend designed a web site for him, and was interested to meet me.

Anyways, we talked a lot, he like my resume, he checked on some references of people who know me in consulting...

and said the reports on me were terrific.


He has pretty much given me a direct op to become an entry level web design guy in their small new company.

I now have, thanks to him, a licensed Visual Studio, SQL, CSS, C#, DHTML training... etc. What a gold mine I have been given,

with this op and the materials given to me to learn. Very, very excellent. I bought a new 500 gig hd on this newer machine that

used to have Vista on it, but it crashed. @@ So, he said Win Xp won't support IIS, whiich I was going to need. So he sent me

a licensed version of Win XP Pro.


so, I am going to be studying for hours a day. They are going to have a ton of work this summer, I can be

up to speed by then, I think.


We've been doing hours of research on our gardening for this spring, and really expanding our produce for the farmer's markets.

And Steve, the big guys at the farmer's market, with the van trucks? They would go way down in Amish country, buy a truckload

of produce, and bring it up and resell it as their own "fresh" goods.


But, they got found out. So, the person running it decided to inspect farms, and the number one rule is, no reselling of any wholesale produce.


she grinned and told me that "Imagine that, they didn't apply to come back this year".


Our little Harbor Freight el cheaper greenhouse worked fine for one winter. But this fall, the winds blew the plastic sheets off the roof and the walls,

and sent them flying through the air several acres away. Some of them, I actually found in our little cornfield, out back of our friends' house, 5 houses away.


So, that is a disaster.


But, I was telling that to my brother-in-law, and he had a frame for a hoop greenhouse, 14' x 35' greenhouse. So, we can't wait to cover it

and grow a ton of stuff from seed.


We'd watched a lot of TV while reading our books, magazines and seed catalogs, getting ready for a big summer.


Why, I won't even have much time to argue with people who are all soaked in Egypt as much. But, we're having fun.


Except, we went out and tried to ride our ATV in the snow. But, it's so deep, it bunches up under the 4x4 thing and won't go anywhere.

Finally, with me pushing, we got it back to the barn.


Then we decided to get our 50 hp John Deere diesel out and plow our road back to the woods, etc.


It got stuck. After I went and got a box of fresh kitty litter, (she frowned and said "I just bought that, now...)...


but we finally got unstuck, and after getting stuck two more times, got back to the barn and parked it.


Global warming a dinosaur's rear end. :angry:


So, life is wonderful and fun, just getting complicated.


I just hope our friend the old farmer wasn't looking out his window so he won't be grinning about us still being rookie farmers.

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