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The NFL's Top 50 Draft Clases of the Decade


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Whats up my fellow draft junkies? With the Big Day coming up in April, I will be counting down the top 50 draft classes of the past decade, including a recap of player contributions (or lack thereof), individual awards and accolades, team performances, overall draft class analysis, and the team's "Perfect Draft" in retrospect... Stay tuned! The countdown will continue on a daily or nearly daily basis, debate/discussion/rerankings are all of course encouraged...


No. 50 Green Bay Packers, 2002



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Define "Draft Class". As I know that term, a draft class means the totality of the talent available any particular year. In other words, in the last decade (10 years) there have only been 10 draft classes.

Or, are you breaking it down by team? That appears to be what you are doing.

E.g.: The Pittsburgh Steelers 1974 draft was the best in history, producing 4 Hall of Famers, Jack Lambert, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, and Mike Webster.

Is that what you mean? Apparently.

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Here is a pancake stack:




And I think it's tough to put draft classes in the last 3 or 4 years in the top 50. Two years ago we would've put the Joe Thomas/Brady Quinn/Eric Wright draft in the top 50.


Actually, now that I look at some of these proposed "top 50 draft classes", I wouldn't trade that class for a couple of them. The Packers of 2002, basically Kampman, Javon Walker, and Davenport, for instance looked good in 2005 but Walker and Davenport aren't even in the league. So that class basically netted them one very good pass rusher.

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