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Mr. Jones anyone?


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Source: Thomas Jones will not restructure, will be released

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on February 27, 2010 9:00 PM ET

Thomas Jones' successful run as a New York Jet is about to end.


A league source tells PFT's Mike Florio that Jones will not restructure his contract, as the team hoped. The Jets will release Jones this week before paying him a $2.8 million roster bonus.


Jones slowed down towards the end of 2009, but he's run for over 2,700 yards the last two seasons.


We suspect Jones will be more in demand than nearly all running backs about to hit the market, including Chester Taylor, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Brian Westbrook. Darren Sproles figures to get the best contract of the free agent





Food for thought.

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No. Draft a RB - a big bruiser like Dwyer if he falls out of the first round (fat chance), or the Scott kid. Or, Jacque Bell. I'd draft Bell for the Browns about the

4th/5th round, depending on his combine...probably not third, but depending.......

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Ok, we don't need to draft a RB guys.


I'm gonna go out on a limb, and say that we won't be drafting a RB prior to the 7th round if at all.




We already got the late round guy in Davis, we have Harrison, who by all accounts will be given a chance to be the starter, and Jennings, who showed he can carry some of the load.


Those three will be our platoon.


Bringing in unknown commodities like Spiller or anyone else, and getting rid of any of the aforementioned three, would simply be getting rid of a cabbage so you could replace it with a head of lettuce.

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