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Reparations are coming

Mr. T

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House passes bill to grant Native Hawaiians special rights as reparations for 1893 coup Here


Here is the start, now who will be next with another liberal hand out?


Another way the community organizer and Chief can buy favor and buy votes.

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I know, too !


Farmers who have been to Hawaii.


I want to be rich, too. Gimme all your money so I don't have to suffer global cooling, dammit.


I have to go out and put up a fence post and gate to the road through our woods.


...have a few socialist snowmobilers who roar though the entire township are terrorizing this part of the county.


and I also need to fill our freezer with prime rib. Do you guys want me to go hungry ?


It's your duty.


Hand over those reparations, I am unfairly suffering. (I walked out into the snow in my socks


to unhook Bernie Kosar - his outdoor long lead was caught on the deck short of the back door, and my feet are cold.


I need thicker socks, you people !)

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And nothing will change the fact how us white folk get treated like shit when going over there by the "natives".


Thats a fact Kosar. I know people (both black and white) who were stationed over in Pearl Harbor. Their kids were terrorized by the Hawaiian and Samoan kids in school. Beat up, robbed etc. Reparations my ass. Why should I pay for something that happened so long ago? My ancestors didn't even come to the states until the early 1900's.

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There's Hawaiians, who are wonderfully friendly,


and there are native Hawaiians who emphasize they don't want visitors


on their precious shores, and will hurt you if they can.


Although it was a lot of years ago, we were in Hawaii two weeks.


One of our tours, we couldn't go see a waterfall, because there were some


roughneck bunch of "native Hawaiians" who were smoking dope and drinking beer,


and had beaten and robbed a few people in the past.


They don't deserve squat. I'm tired of all these stupid centuries old excuses


brought up by those who want to win the lottery via a bogus lawsuit.

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Last time I went we were disallowed to park in a public lot by a fat f*ck on a segway. It was obvious what he was doing, there were 2 or 3 open spots. I was playing golf at a private golf course across the street 2 hours later and parked there after they didn't let me park (my ex brother in law paid something like $10,000 a year at the club and was an affluent member, the Nike tour was played there). I made sure I parked where they could see the car. You could park there, go to the beach and was allowed by the club.


I walked across the street to go to the beach and 3 guys who were working "security" all got in my face, telling me that they were calling the cops because I parked illegally in ANOTHER parking lot. Literally almost coming to blows. Cops came, I showed them my tee time while my brother came up. The starter and manager came out and started bitching to the cop about the "security" guards. I literally laughed in their face and walked to the beach. I laughed even harder leaving the beach. I even waived at them when I grabbed my clubs from across the street. Classic.


What these f*cks don't realize is "us" tourists keep these people in their job.

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