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Global Cooling to blame for 5th coldest winter in Orlando

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Wait, we should have global cooling be a political movement. You know, like Algore

did with man made global warming (rof,l).


We could have a stupid, contrived, self serving movie shown in all the schools, and we could


pay $$$$$ around the world to dishonest scientists to prove by any hook or crook necessary, that global cooling is a dire immediate crisis, and politically


have all our followers ridicule, ruin and harass anybody who won't drink our koolaid, and then we


could try to tax everybody out the wazoo and dominate/control every aspect of their existence so we


could be rich and once we have power over them, we could control the outcome of elections and maybe....


Wait. Forget it. I was to trying to think like a leftist Democrat/Liberal/Communist/Socialist/Marxist/bed wetter


That would be dishonest in a SICK and probably very UNCONSTITIONAL on several counts. "never mind" @@

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Great idea. It could make us rich like it did Al Gore (who's net worth was about 5oo grand when he left office, and is now in the tens of millions)


Then we could be hypocrites by not listening to our own words and personally doing nothing to stop global cooling.

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