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An Education

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An Education


PG 13 95 min




Another film with no chance of winning best picture (unfortunately) is one of my surprise favorites of the season. I had to visit the good folks at the Solon Cinema to catch this BBC production. It’s an early sixties coming of age film about Jenny (Carey Mulligan) a teenage schoolgirl with dreams of a fuller life than most girls in her era could expect..

Her father (Alfred Molina ) is dreadfully worried she won’t make it to Oxford, though deep inside she can’t see the benefit of ending up a dowdy but educated schoolmarm.

One day she meets a dashing older fellow David Goldman (Peter Sarsgaard) who proceeds to sweep her, as well as her stodgy father, off their collective feet.

As the relationship rolls on David introduces Jenny to a whole new world; one filled with jazz clubs fine restaurants and art but then things begin to sour. She’ll find out that he earns his unusually lavish wages in unethical end illegal ways. Still she’s under the spell of the wild romantic life and turns a blind eye.

The film never gets ugly, and David is never violent or dangerous.

He is, however a cad but Jenny won’t find that out until she’s accepted his marriage proposal and left school.

The story is based on Lynn Barbers autobiographical novel of the same name.

It’s tender sad and funny and should evoke empathy in anyone who’s been young and in love.





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