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Rats about to get Boldin


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SI.com's Peter King reports that the Ravens are "close" to finalizing a trade for Anquan Boldin.




This could mean that if we are very serious about wanting walter that he could very well end up in brown and orange. The ravens were considered to be very interested in him and the possible front runner but this should take them out of the running now.

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Ravens acquired WR Anquan Boldin and a 2010 fifth-round pick from the Cardinals in exchange for third- and fourth-round picks in this year's draft.



Son of a bitch!




the thing is Ravens get a 5th round pick back, wonder why? Because Da Browns are going to get Troy Smith, bitch!

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Don't really want to face that beast twice a year.

Seems like the ravens have paid much attention to the D this year, don't hurt my feelings any.


This is the same Anquan Boldin who couldn't make much happen against Mangini's Jets in 2008. The same guy that got laid out by Erik Smith. The same guy that won a Super Bowl...oh wait.


Don't worry about receivers. The Ravens still aren't scaring anyone with their offense.

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