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any suggestions/recommendations?


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Me and a buddy are coming for Thursday night game from out of town. Any suggestions for local eateries and other entertainment venues? Any place have any pre-game specials or kick-ass parties? What's a good gentleman's club to hit?


This site throws a tailgate party for each Home game. Although usually not for these weekday night games. However, for the night games, we meet in the Flats, tip a few beers, walk over to a great little eatery (which happens to have a strip joint very near by) ... Hey wait a minute, has anyone else noticed that Ed keeps picking these Tailgate Spots near strip joints??? .... anyhow, you are welcome to join us. There is an RTA Rail station very near our lot, or it is also a fun walk (a bit far, but a great experience) that will take you right through the happening night club / Sports bar action with enough tailgate rowdiness along the way.


For more information, see our Tailgate Party Page, And/or the Tailgate Forum in this section.

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