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Harry Smith undergoes live colonoscopy


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I don't like Katic Couric for her politics,


but colonoscopies are important. She had one and it was televised...


Colon cancer can be a devastating affliction to find too late.


It can kill you. here, Couric is with Harry Smith, just as a friend


to help promote this excellent life-saving procedure.


Catch it early, you are in great shape to have no problems...


catch it later, and a terrible price might be paid.


Get checked - it's important. I am high risk - two of my uncles died from colon cancer.


It's no big deal to put up with getting checked. Because I'm high risk, I get


a check up every three years so I don't have to worry.



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I just had my second one, Cal, and the procedure is fast and VERY easy. Easier than an easy 'V', LOL.


I get one every 5 years due to some history in my family.


A very good friend of mine had symptoms but kept pushing off getting checked because 'there never was any cancer in his family'. It bothers me to this day that he passed away at the age of 53.


Would he have lived if he got things checked out in a timely manner? Maybe yes, maybe no. However, we know the price he paid (2 teenage daughters).

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That is so sad, John,


truth is, my Dad had colon cancer, many years ago.


We had an old grouchy Dr. but they started going to


a young, really outstanding doctor. Well, she said


he should go get checked because of his brother dying from it...


and he found out. We were devasted, back then, the chances weren't as great


as today, at all, for a complete recovery.


Radiation treatments, etc, but he survived, and is fine today.


With two bionic knees, he can still out-work me. LOL


It can be diet, environmental factors in one's workplace, and




I'm sorry to hear about your friend. A loss like that never really goes away, ever.


Getting checked is just so important.

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