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The Deficit

Westside Steve

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This is from the Obama friendly NYT. Not the Heritage Foundation WSJ or Drudge.


I wonder if there are any [respected] economists out there who think this is no big deal.

I ask because (and I don't want to turn this into a GW thread) it seems any scientist who doesn't show propoer alarm on the cliimate issue is branded a hack or oil company lapdog.


Maybe losing control of the houses will force the white house to sober up.



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I keep seeing economic experts be very concerned. The numbers are staggering - it would seem that


Obama's cap n tax is their main hope for being able to get billions of dollars to help pay for ingratiating the


Leftists in the Dem party to the objects of "paid everything" (Marxist setup), in effect, buying votes that


will keep them in power.


Not working so far, but then, marxism never really works.


I wish we could stop China from dumping very cheap products all over our country.


Try buying a flipper for pancakes anywhere, and have it be not from China. I haven't found one yet.


I wish I had the $$$ to start a store that ONLY sold American goods.

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Economists dont see it either. Obammy is going to spend this country into bankruptcy.


What will he use as collateral to write all these checks with? your property, or will we have double taxation.

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Steve, now do you see why everyone left here?



Well kinda.

I saw the exodus as a big brouhaha from the football side.

That was where the threats to leave came from and the fact that Inspecta desperately wanted his own board.


Anyway I always liked Toop's take rare as it was. Leg was OK.

Alo posted some interesting stuff but mostly pasted from a left leaning site.

Not particularly radical, just left.


Without mentioning names of guys who chose to be elsewhere, I didn't think they had much to say.



As I've said often I don't read many of the dozen a day stories here but I'd doubt they're completely withiut merit.

And I just don't have much "hope" that this will be the first admnistration in history to see their campaign plans work out as promised. Or projected.


" The best laid schemes o' mice an' men

Gang aft agley,

An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,

For promis'd joy!"




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"Gang aft agley,"


Steve, I must know what this means. my best guess is "going forward in an ugly manner",


which is obviously surely completely wrong.... @@

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