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We told you - gov health care will be a disaster


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Gosh. Obamao and the leftists in OUR gov desperately want gov health care !


Hmm. They have that universal health care in Venzuela. Gosh, Cal, that can't be right...


Obamao and the rest of the leftists in our gov would not want to follow in Chavez's footsteps with gov hc etc....

BUT they WERE angry that the Marxist Seleya was ousted by the Honduras Supreme Court ...


It's about CONTROL of an entire country, people. Not about getting hc insurance to those who don't have it.

It's about POWER.


THE WORLD</H2>April 08, 2008|Chris Kraul, Los Angeles Times Staff WriterCARACAS, VENEZUELA — Grimacing from contractions, expectant mother Castuca Marino had more on her mind than birth pangs. She was nervous about whether she and her newborn child would make it out of the hospital alive.


Interviewed as she stood in the emergency room of Concepcion Palacios Maternity Hospital here last week, Marino had heard news reports of six infant deaths there over a 24-hour period late last month. She knew that since the beginning of February, six mothers had died in the hospital during or after childbirth.


"What are poor people going to do?" said Marino, 20, as she was being admitted to this sprawling complex where, on average, 60 babies are born a day. "I'm just hoping that there are no complications and that everything goes well."Palacios, Venezuela's largest public maternity hospital and once the nation's beacon of neonatal care, has fallen on hard times. Half of the anesthesiologists and pediatricians on staff two years ago have quit. Basic equipment such as respirators, ultrasound monitors and incubators are either broken or scarce. Six of 12 birth rooms have been shut.

On one day last month, five newborns were crowded into one incubator, said Dr. Jesus Mendez Quijada, a psychiatrist and Palacios staff member who is a past president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation.


The deaths of the six infants "were not a case of bad luck, but the consequence of an accumulation of circumstances that have created this alarming situation," Mendez said.


He and others say the problems at Concepcion Palacios are symptoms of a variety of ills that have beset the public healthcare system under leftist firebrand President Hugo Chavez. Cases of malaria nearly doubled between 1998, the year before Chavez took office, and 2007. Incidents of dengue fever more than doubled over the same period.


Poorly paid doctors regularly demonstrate at hospitals from Puerto La Cruz in the northeast to Maracay in the industrial heartland, demanding back pay and protesting the lack of equipment and supplies. Others are leaving in droves for Spain, Australia or the Middle East, where they make 10 times the $600 monthly average salary they earn in public hospitals.


Venezuela's healthcare system was facing problems even before Chavez took office. The system has been riven with corruption, mismanagement and disorganization for decades. In addition, tropical conditions have made the country ripe for epidemics difficult for any government to control. An encephalitis outbreak in 1996 sickened 20,000 people.

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Some of us explained BEFORE the election, that studies showed a LOT of


medical professionals would quit the profession under those circumstances.


But no, they wouldn't listen.


It happened in GB, and Venzuela...


don't know if it happened in Canada or not.

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