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New Format?


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It shows the OP then list all the other posts like so, and you have to click on them to see what they say. Also the times of the post's are all out of wack so you dont even no the order of the post's unless you go bye the times, which is a pain in the ass


jrb12711 Delhomme signs with the Browns Today, 05:58 PM

Zombo QUOTE (jrb12711 @ Mar 13 2010, 05:58 PM) ... Today, 05:59 PM

joeflax great move in my opinion. Delhomme really couldn... Today, 06:02 PM

Metcalf_FTW Here is a piece that my boss wrote last year when ... Today, 06:07 PM

Zombo Jake will be the starter as we right the ship. Sen... Today, 06:08 PM

JRex223 I kind of have mixed feelings. He was pretty errat... Today, 06:08 PM

panthers17 hey brownies, you just got yourself an outstanding... Today, 06:20 PM

cajun QUOTE (panthers17 @ Mar 13 2010, 07:20 PM... Today, 10:43 PM

beefjerky I am hoping for the best and hope he does good, bu... Today, 06:27 PM

eggo31 i just think we already did this once with trent d... Today, 06:41 PM

kpolen4 I'm willing to give it a try i just hope its n... Today, 06:50 PM

TheClevelandSound Very good move. Can't say enough. Which is why... Today, 06:55 PM

BrownsBacker85 In my opinion I'm thinking we will be drafting... Today, 06:57 PM

D Bone All right, I'll be the 1st.................SEE... Today, 07:07 PM

JRex223 I think uinns for sure a goner, but apparently Spo... Today, 07:24 PM

TheClevelandSound Ill be the first to say See ya Ratliff!!... Today, 07:32 PM

next2nothing QUOTE (JRex223 @ Mar 13 2010, 06:08 PM) I... Today, 07:50 PM

Rust Belt IMO... Delhomme will start off the bat. He is a de... Today, 08:06 PM

Chickenwang Quinn is still the best QB on this team... Today, 08:13 PM

Chicopee John QUOTE (Chickenwang @ Mar 13 2010, 08:13 P... Today, 09:46 PM

BigBrownsFan QUOTE (Chicopee John @ Mar 13 2010, 09:46... Today, 10:08 PM

Kingphisher QUOTE (Chickenwang @ Mar 13 2010, 08:13 P... Today, 11:05 PM

DAWGPOUND16 QUOTE (Chickenwang @ Mar 14 2010, 01:13 A... Today, 11:14 PM

Pumpkin Eater QUOTE (Chickenwang @ Mar 13 2010, 08:13 P... Today, 11:15 PM

JRex223 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gikDq3kv61U Caroli... Today, 08:18 PM

Rust Belt QUOTE (JRex223 @ Mar 13 2010, 08:18 PM) h... Today, 08:27 PM

playerjdd QUOTE (jrb12711 @ Mar 13 2010, 10:58 PM) ... Today, 08:21 PM

cambridgeho Im not sure what to think right now, Jake wanted ... Today, 08:56 PM

BrownsFan4Evr Maybe Delhomme is here to groom Quinn. Today, 09:12 PM

cambridgeho QUOTE (BrownsFan4Evr @ Mar 14 2010, 03:12... Today, 09:21 PM

Drunkandstoopid QUOTE (BrownsFan4Evr @ Mar 13 2010, 04:12... Today, 11:01 PM

kosar_win QUOTE (Drunkandstoopid @ Mar 13 2010, 11... Today, 11:05 PM

Junkyard Dawg I'm gonna have to take a wait and see with thi... Today, 09:13 PM

kosar_win At least we'll have a sub-plot for the home ga... Today, 09:55 PM

D Bone QUOTE (Chickenwang @ Mar 13 2010, 05:13 P... Today, 10:03 PM

JRex223 I see a few people here still have a crush on Quin... Today, 10:22 PM


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Go to Options on the top right of the first post


And select standard


Easy fix





yep....he somehow switched it to threaded mode, or whatever it is called on this board.


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