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Brady's Interview

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I just listened to Brady's interview on Browns.com....for those of you who haven't yet...it is one worth listening to.


A few quick things....he is RELAXED and CONFIDENT!!!


Some of his one liners:


Asked what was the coldest weather he ever played in...


"30 BELOW....naw, I just completely made that up..."


Grossi asked how things looked when he reviewed the tape on Monday...


"Well, it was kinda rough 'cause we were still playing it..."


Asked about spreading the ball around...


"Obviously those two (BE/K2) are good to go to...but we got one to Ali for 15, we like to think of him as a deep threat..."


He just seems to be in his element. He didn't duck questions...didn't blame anyone...gave credit to Buffalo on their schemes...stated he thought time and practice will improve the long game and timing...and just seemed to have the confidence that things will continue to improve. I like that in a QB.

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I watched the interview, he really presents himself well to the media. . . A good interview, the media is going to love this guy for years to come.


He also joked about being able to run the triple-option.


I also watched the Phil Dawson interview (another pretty interesting interview). . . he talks about spotting the ball on FGs exactly 7 3/4 yards back from the LOS, because Pontbriand's snap spins the same amount every snap, and at that distance, Zastudil catches it and the laces are in the right spot.


Pontbriand is the MAN!



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