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Movin on up!


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Holmgrens really not messing around... I like it, even after all the times we have torn down and rebuilt again. It feels different this time. I liked Bud Shaws column this Sunday. He really hit the nail on the head, and thats saying something. Holmgren gives us leadership we've never had, and he doesnt tip-toe around the issues. No bullshit with this guy, I respect that. It has been a great off-season already. And we have what? 12 picks in the draft now... very interesting. Word is were getting a 3 or 4 for Wimbley, from tha Raidaaas! so its really more like a late 2 or a 3. He seemed to find his groove again last season, but King Kong looked pretty good too. Its hard to say thats a great deal, but it could be.


I think the Browns might even try to move up to lock up Berry, maybe even Bradford if the Rams pass.


If we do nothing, Im very impressed. Cant wait to see how all these moves work out.


Go Browns!

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