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Well, this has been a long time coming and of popular deman to have a forum for off-topics for years. Thank Mr. T, and the $100 note he slipped into my pocket.


It's up, and ready for use. Enjoy and don't go crazy, let's make this a productive forum.



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I thought this could be a great place where we dont practice politics but where anyone could post almost anything that they would like to talk about.


This should be a good place where everything else falls.


If you find anything off topic from any other forum feel free to post it here.


If you have a question and cannot find the answer please post it here.


It can be almost anything that you may need help with, such as auto and or boating repairs all the way to fishing hunting stories.


If you feel the urge to post a picture of your mother inlaw. we wont say anything, post it here. :unsure:


In all anything other than politics is more than welcomed.


Thank you Stan! I think everyone will be able to enjoy this.

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Oh boy, oh boy. Now i can post gardening stuff without feeling guilty.... LOL


and survival tips about the outdoors.


My first thread will probably be our new hobby - using our dehydrator to make apple slices.



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