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Is it a new name with the same game ?


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I wanted the Browns to sign JAke Delhome when we was released. I thought he will make a great mentor for BQ/DA or the new guy.


Then we signed Seneca Wallace a WCO Holmgren type. So i thought maybe Seneca will be the tutor which means we keep BQ and go WCO and trade DA.


DA was traded, and we sign - Jake Delhomme ! So are we going WCO or not ? Maybe he is going to tutor BQ who is not a natural gunslinger ?


Well then BQ got traded and i thought woo hoo - controversy over, but is it ?


We are still stuck with a gunslinger and a WCO guy only they are not DA and BQ respectively.


Delhomme's Pros And Cons:


+ Experienced, able leader.

+ Been to superBowl.

+ Capable Mentor

- Interceptions Incorporated

- Loss of form in recent years

- No Steve Smithesque Receivers over here


Seneca's Pros And Cons:


+ Knows Holmgrens WCO if that is the way we go

+ Has good wins and TD/INT ratio

+ Younger than Jake and hence will remain longer if he is the starter

- Not Enough games played - So we dont know enough about him to judge

- Not tall enough as his peers


I see upside and downside in both. It is like we have replaced two QB's with 2 better QB's but the potential for a controversy still remains !


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Well I'm sure the expectation is to draft a QB (Tebow?) in the 1st or 2nd round. We also don't really know who's good and who's not anymore. I think what Holmgren is planning is to implement some stability (barring injury) at the position so that the Browns know what to expect every Sunday. The problem with BQ/DA was that we had no idea really what to expect from them on a consistent basis. With that in place, for better or for worse, we can start to evaluate the talent we have on both sides of the ball at game day and take the focus off the QB.


Expectations will be lower for Delhomme and Seneca than for BQ/DA. Fans, FO, etc. put a lot on their shoulders and they became the scapegoats (after the Coaches) for why the team was failing, which simply wasn't true. They were part of the problem, but not the entirety of the problem. Neither Delhomme or Seneca are expected to be the future of this franchise and therefore don't really have to perform like they are. Which means no QB controversy. The reason they brought Seneca in wasn't to compete for the starting job. It was because they did not want to have to rely on any of the old QBs to be a backup.


Delhomme starts (they didn't pay him $7mil to be benched), Seneca is in a backup role like he was in Seattle, they finally have a GOOD draft class for once, with one of them including a good QB prospect and they build the team around guys like Josh Cribbs, Joe Thomas and Jerome Harrison so that they're solid contenders until they find the QB they're looking for.


If that goes properly, I'm anticipating 7-9 wins this year building off of the 4 game win streak to close out last season.

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