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Twins lock up Mauer


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The biggest contract for a catcher ever, 8 years and $164 million.


I can't stand all the "Twins just do it the right way" talk, but that's a pretty good kick to the gut of any Tribe fan. The Twins now have Mauer, Morneau, Span and Baker under contract through at least 2013. The worst contract they have is Michael Cuddyer, and they can cut him loose after this season (and he hit 30 homers last year).


How depressing.


For those who think this has nothing to do with the Tribe, well...here's a Bryce Harper dinger.


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Wow a small market owner that actually will sign and keep the talent they have on the team. Must be nice




Too bad Indians fans will never see Indians lock up Sizemore to long term deal. Instead we will see Grady traded for 3 A prospects and a AA pitcher that needs surgery..

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Still, at least Mauer's not going to New York or Boston.




I guess that's where we differ. For pretty much the same reason I hate teams like the Marlins (or specifically the Marlins), I don't want other small market teams to have success. I want MY small market team to have success. I want to punch the other small markets in the crotch and topple the Sabathia, Lee, Sizemore, Mauer, Fielder and Greinke-led Yankees.


I'd much rather see these guys go the big boys than re-sign with the chumps. I'd rather see the big boys win titles than the chumps. Unless we're the chumps.




Great read on LGT that captures my feelings pretty perfectly.




Damn, Harper got that ball, didn't he? Nice wind there too. Also gotta say I like the helmet-tap at the end.

Apparently there were fans of his behind the bench, but I loved the salute towards the opposing dugout rounding third.






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