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Westside Steve

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LIFELONG Steeler fan... I cant say I read that and disagreed with a word. I am embarrassed to death over this BS. And Our Org. WAS always high class in these areas. I really think they decided to look the other way a few times and it has come back to Bite a gapping chunk of flesh out of our teams Collective ASS !

I think if Ben was convicted they should cut him . Period. If Charged Suspend him for a year and get him accountable to people on a daily basis , till he can grow up and act like an adult. I have 2 no.# 7`s in my closet. The ONLY way I ever wear them again is if he Publicly admits he needs to change his lifestyle and apologizes for being so irresponsible. We all need Grace... If he did indeed Assault that girl. And we have no evidence either way so far. The 7`s will be retired... as will Ben. I would think he didnt , but I am counting on nothing at this point.

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