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There is going to be new alternates this year


What do you think of the new alternates?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the new alternates?

    • I love them!
    • I hate them

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I'd rather see orange pants with Brown jersey. The brown pants grew on me last year with the striped socks but I'd like to see an orange with white combo too.


I like to think it makes us grittier and meaner, but other think elsewise.

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I feel like all of my Browns dreams are coming true! It's time for a change. It's a big part of changing the culture and it looks great! Now let's see if I can get that brown helmet! One or two more players dealt, and my wishlist is complete! Thanks Mangini/Holmie!!!

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I'm all for it, somehow it seems to boost the team and fan morale on game day.


I know the traditionalist hate it but almost every team has tweaked the uniforms a bit, what are we waiting for?


BTW I didn't see too many complaining when the Cavs totally changed their colors, but all they are doing is adding brown pants. I think the "blacked out" look looks good on most NFL teams especially on Night games.

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I really want the brown jersey with the orange pants to be our home uniform again.. I also miss the white on white for away as well as the white jersey and orange pants.. I don't hate brown, but it really does look like a big giant turd..


I suppose I could have a biased opinion because you are making me judge a picture of braylon edwards.. (can you imagine braylon trying to catch a brown ball wearing an all brown uniform?!) maybe show the look with someone on the browns such as cribbs and I might change my mind..

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It actually seriously pains me a little when I look at them(in the throat area), those are awful. Just because we're called the Browns doesn't mean we have to be that color all over, the only color combinations should be the following:


White top/ White bottom

Brown top/ White bottom

White top/ Orange bottom

Brown top/ Orange bottom


and nothing else!


I know everyone says "I don't care what they wear as long as they win", but keep in mind the players might care and it might actually distract them just a little bit, as well as have some complaints about it.


I would hate this if it would happen, people have been saying they want to never see those ugly brown pants again and they respond by making it brown all over! ew

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