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Cato Scholar: I'll defend the Constitution from Obamacare anytime, anywhere


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You can follow the link, to see the video of his challenge. This hc bill cannot stand

on at least one, IF only one, basis...






Friday, April 02, 2010


Cato Scholar: I’ll Defend the Constitution from Obamacare Anytime, Anywhere [Michael Cannon]


The Center for American Progress positively beams that “the University of Washington held a debate about the constitutionality of the recently passed health care reform bill…[but] none of the panelists at the debate argued that the bill was unconstitutional because the organizers of the event couldn’t find any law professors who held that view.”


The folks at U-Dub obviously didn’t try very hard. My Cato Institute colleague David Kopel compiles a list of law professors (himself included) who believe the law is unconstitutional.


Even better, my Cato colleague Ilya Shapiro (also a law professor), throws down the following challenge to supporters of Obamacare:






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