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Opening Day game


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I didn't get to watch the game but I seen some highlights, looked like Marson struggled keeping a few balls in front oh him. Its not going to get easier tonight with Carmona pitching, that has me a little worried. Who's on the roster as far as catchers? They needed to bring in a vet or kept Shoppach, these younger catchers are really gonna hurt are young pitchers.

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The veteran catcher we signed, heh. He's been with the Twins the last five years.


Speaking of, Ocker wrote a pretty good piece on him on Sunday. He sounds like the perfect guy to have as a backup.


Even when Redmond doesn't feel fully healthy, he has tried to play. Last season with the Twins, All-Star Joe Mauer began the schedule on the disabled list, leaving the catching to Redmond. But it didn't take long for Redmond to sustain an injury.


''I hurt my groin after my second at-bat on Opening Day,'' he said. ''I came out of the game, and they wanted me to go on the DL, but I wanted to play.


''It took forever to heal, and then I hurt my shoulder, because I was favoring the groin. But I knew I had to hang on until Mauer got off the DL. If I didn't, the only thing we had was two rookie catchers.''


Redmond continued to play until Mauer was activated a month later.


Redmond has been on the DL only once, his rookie year of 1998, when he fractured his right pinky finger. Even then, he returned after six weeks, before the finger had fully healed.




''Now I get more satisfaction in helping younger players,'' he said. ''I love that. It's fun to be around young players. Five years ago, when I went to Minnesota, it was like everybody was 22. That's the kind of team we have here.''



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