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Is this a peaceful crowd?

Mr. T

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Truth is, that hypocrisy is a leading indicator of the liberal/progressive movement

in our country now, just like it has been a major part of Marxist/progressive movements

around the globe.


The desire to take power by manipulating masses of people BY ANY MEANS necessary,

especially when those means contradict, is just a debacle that has occured over the last century,

and probably always in the history, again and again, of mankind.


Victims of the nazi violence, who survived those years, will attest to the lies told to get

enough public persuaded to go along until it was too late. they heard some good things, and

those good things turned out to be the opposite of what they had heard.


Just exactly like the liberal/progressive/marxist/communist movement in our country, say one thing,

then do whatever the hell they want after they get power.


Up is down when it suits them, round becomes square, opposites become opposites. That gives

organized political criminals the ability to take power, and keep power.


It is the politically expedient betrayal of truth, with the absense of legitimate values and principles,

that has led entire societies into losing their freedoms, and their lives.


Stalin did it, Mao did it, Fidel did it, Chavez did it, Lenin did it, it is an organized criminal organization structure,

that keeps happening politically around the globe.


the clip of the really ignorant and corrupt Maxine Waters is one of the best examples.


get power by using and abusing your rights, then take away all those rights to KEEP the power.


Extreme hypocrisy, extreme greed, extreme desire for total control and power, extreme danger.

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