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I heard a rumor Holmes is going to be traded to the Jets


I heard the deal is done, the Jets got Holmes and the Steelers got a case of sterile syringes, a vial of extasy, and four sturdy Russian girls to abuse.

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I'm not sure you will be getting a lot of Steeler fans in here commenting on the draft. From my experience, Steeler fan doesn't have a clue about their football team. They just say "YEAH STEELERS RULE!" and consider themselves an informed fanbase.


Personally, I think they nee to adress that O-line finally. Been RapinChics needs a franchise Tackle on that line ASAP.

Maybe Mike Iupati, G, or Anthony Davis. And then they can adress their CBs in the 2nd.


On a side note, Charles Davis from NFL network has Earl Thomas going all the way at 25 to the Ravens! And the highest I've seen him porojected anywhere is 15. If Berry is gone, it's worth it to me to trade out of that #7 pick and take Thomas later. At #7 he would be a good pick, for us, but if you can get another 3rd or even 2nd rounder in the process, do it.

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wallace...not an enigma anymore, young with great speed.

randle el....LOL

sweed...may have lymes disease....


they desperately need WR help, amongst all the other moj noted.

Ward just had the second best year of his career last year.

Wallace has developed great and has more than just speed.

Randle El excells from the slot.

Sweed...well, he may have lymes disease.



Ward and Wallace were 3rd rounds picks. Randle El and Sweed were both 2nds. We will find a another good receiver in those rounds.

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Now ward doesn't have a no.1 wr to draw doubles....he's not running away from anyone.


Wallace is not unknown anymore....tema know his speed. Otherwise, he rounds off routes. Deep threat only....


El is done....sorry you don't know that....


Sweed couldn't catch a cold....now he's battling an unfortunate situation.



What you didn't get from the post is that age is becoming an issue at most positions. You will get thru this year....but steelers drafts the past few years have not had the same impact as years past. Methinks its tomlin.....fact is you,ve resigned a couple players cowher deemed unfit to wear black and yellow. Reeks of desperation imo

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On my primary board everyone is very high on Earl Thomas. Pouncy and Iupati are also mentioned but a good number don't want the big and uglies in round one. Either way everything was quickly thrown out the door this morning with the trading of Holmes. I'd wager a package is made to move up in the draft for maybe Golden Tate. Brandon Graham is also mentioned quite a bit as well as Sean Witherspoon. Most believe Farrior has truly lost a step so the fan base is looking replacement. I don't think this year is the year and I haven't lost faith in Farrior.


I'll contribute to this thread further later today. These types of threads are exactly why I hit this message board for information regarding our division. I'm happy to contribute in this regard.


Oh and just to keep things "normal"


Steelers > Stains

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I had to rethink this a bit...arnaz battle is in the mix.



He was brought in for special teams by our new special teams coach. I have no idea how our receiver situation is going to shake out and honestly I have to get past the shock that Holmes is gone for a 5th. (Statement yes, but a 5th!)


Thankfully Wallace was a steal and a half. Who knows maybe this is the motivation Sweed needs to step up. Either way long time coming after "wake n bake" soo much for the Steelers organization not cracking the whip. C-ya later Santokio.

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