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Ohio official tells residents to 'arm themselves' amid police cuts

Mr. T

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Ohio official tells residents to 'arm themselves' amid police cuts


When the sheriff's department in Ashtabula County, Ohio, was cut from 112 to 49 deputies, just one vehicle was left to patrol the 720-square-mile county.


Asked what residents should do for protection, Common Pleas Judge Alfred Mackey replied, " Arm themselves," and added, "We're going to have to look after each other."


Area gun dealers and instructors told WKYC-TV, Cleveland, that they've noticed an uptick in sales and interest in self-defense classes.


One instructor, Tracy Williams, said the cuts mean "you don't have any other option" other than to listen to Mackey's advice.


Check out this video from WKYC for the full story:





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Wait til/maybe? the economy totally crashes, and all the Obamao


supporters don't get their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...


we could look like Greece.


Don't underestimate a cannister of tear gas. You can use it, and it isn't


illegal to use it in self defense.


Just shoot the attacker(s) when they are wearing goggles... @@


I swear, I think I'll check with Player about getting a concealed carry one of these days...


Meanwhile, I thought I heard a dog out in the woods the other night. Figured it might be hurt or lost


or trapped, so I put on my trusty H&R .22 nine shooter, and walked well out across the soybean field,


into the woods, and realized it was an echo from a new dog from a house well off the east end of our woods.


Very spooky at night. I think I need to raccoon hunt this fall, and make coon skin caps or something.


Something was splashing through the bog, and the tree frogs got quiet...


I think I need to watch out for sasquatch.

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well, read T's article.


and I added the concern that with even some Dems referring to "social strife"


as a result of their "changes"....


you will definately need to protect yourself.


Obamao is taking our country down a very bad road.


Did I hear right, that the WH press corpSE is kaput?


And Obama snuck away from the media and "went to his daughter's softball game"...


except they cound out there WAS NO softball game that day?


And the address Obama gave for the game, was an address to a skid row part of town?


And more folks in the media are starting to wonder, wtf? who WAS Obamao meeting with?


yeah. A lot of Americans are looking at America, and thinking we are in big, big trouble down the road


a bit.


The last thing we'll need, is cuts to our police depts...

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