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Schedule Release Delayed !!


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NFL still working on 2010 regular-season schedule; release unknown


Story Highlights

Announcement will happen sometime before NFL draft begins next Thursday

NFL spokesman says schedule-makers are still working on it

2010 opponents for all 32 teams are known, but date/times are not


By Don Banks, SI.com


The complicated riddle that is the NFL regular-season schedule has not been solved yet, and all we know for sure at this point is it will be out before the NFL draft begins next Thursday night in New York City.


League schedule-makers continue to work on the 256-game slate, and a league spokesman confirms to SI.com that the NFL now hopes to announce it by "later this week or early next week."


"They are still working on it. And if we had it done, we'd be rolling it out," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Tuesday. "We're still shooting for later this week or early next week at the latest."


The NFL Network will televise a schedule release show in primetime on the day the league rolls out its schedule and that programming has yet to be nailed down. The league is likely to announce the timing of that program a day or two in advance in order to publicize the show.


Opponents for all 32 teams have been known since the close of the 2009 regular season. The drama of the schedule release, however, is the first announcement of how each team's season will unfold and which games will be nationally televised in primetime




Sucks that gotta wait a few days more, ah well at least Roethlisberger is keeping us occupied with his antics while we wait.




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im pissed i was so excited to hear it tonight.




I agree.




I raced home from the gold course, skipping the dominoes game so I could give the grass a quick clipping, expecting to settle down to start planning my fall, and find out things are delayed so the NFL can rig the schedule to help the Steelers during the likely 3-4 game suspension Ben the rat is going to receive.




I forgot to take my blood pressure medication today so it doesn't take much to agitate me, so I am agitated.


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