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Sunday Workout


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Hi All,


I am new to this board, so I apologize if this topic has already been brought up.


The Browns held a workout this past Sunday (4/11) for potential draftees/prospects. Most of them had some kind of an Ohio connection, so it would be cool to see one or two if these guys on the roster when the regular season rolls around. Whether the player is drafted in the later rounds or signed on to be a practice squad player, it would be a thrill either way for any of these guys.


I realize people may not want to talk about prospective practice squad players, but I'm interested to know what the Browns community thinks. Here are the players that were at the workout on Sunday (college and high school):


QB- Dan Whalen (Case Reserve Western University and Willoughby South)

WR- Ray Small (Ohio State and Glenville)

WR- Trey Stross (Iowa and Avon Lake)

WR- Rob Parris (Notre Dame and St. Ignatius)

WR- Derek McBryde (Kent State and Glenville)

WR- Frank Ross (John Carroll and Canfield)


My guess would be that Small and Stross have the best chances to be signed at some point.


Go Browns!

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