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I Feel Uncomfortable With This

Chicopee John

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I am on record for supporting the Second Amemdment.


This being said, I have a problem supporting one's right to 'show off' one's weapon in public. I don't see that supporting gun owner's rights and not supporting their 'right' to act like they live in 19th Century Tombstone are mutually exclusive.








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I agree, John. It isn't necessary.


If somebody feels they need to carry a gun in public places, get a concealed license.


May be "legal", but it is NOT responsible.


Like, I don't go out into our fields, and shoot groundhogs on weekends. I don't want parents worrying


about their kids, or their kids worrying that shots were fired, etc.


Sure, I have a RIGHT to. But I won't, out of respect for my neighbors I don't know as well as others, who are friends.


I can hunt groundhogs out of our fields during the week, when kids are in school, etc.


And, on a weekend, some kids might be hiking in our woods, with their parents (they are always welcome)...


I'm also very, very careful about whatever shot I might take. The groundhogs laugh at me, I think, when they


know I won't shoot a certain direction. I don't shoot if the neighbors are riding or training their horses...


or having a party in their back yard. It's a matter of respect and responsible exercise of my freedoms.


With freedom comes responsibility. I don't find it responsible for a knucklehead to wear his gun into a public setting.


It's arrogant, and inappropriate, and would upset some adults and children.

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Oh, John !


The stupid groundhogs dig huge holes in the ground. In one place, there are four holes, and


I could step into the first one above my knee! and I have, in winter, when snow covered them.


worse, the groundhogs eat soybeans like crazy. They eat the whole plant. For 10 yards all around one hole, they


wipe em out.


They chow down on the corn. and the garden. And make holes in the neighbor's christmas tree plantings.


I did live trap three of them. Two from under our huge deck on the back of the house ! I let them go, way, way


back at the back of our property, @@ near the other guys' field where the guy is mad because we won't let them


hunt in our woods since we bought it.


Heh. too bad. I'll be out there this next deer season, too, with the game warden if I have to have him come out.


I don't think I'll have any trouble any more. But the sheriff did tell me to have ammo in my gun next time. @@


A young groundhog actually makes for good eating. Like chicken. But don't tell em it's groundhog right after they eat it,


like I did to my cousin Bobby, when we were kids. @@

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