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Top five Actors

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I'll think on that.

I have two categories.

Great actors and great movie stars.

Often they overlap.



Great actors:

Kenneth Branagh

Gary Oldman

John Malkovich


Great movie stars


John Wayne

Sean Connery



Jack Nicholson

Di Niro



I'll think more soon. B)


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1. Tom Hanks

2. Jack Nicholson


3. Steve Carrell

4. Emilio Estevez

5. Eddie Murphy


This isn't my most talented list, just my personal favorites. Top two are easy, the rest will probably be different tomorrow.

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John Wilkes Booth (he acted like he did something good for the South. He didn't, it may have set the south back 100 years)

Ronald Reagan (he was especially good at acting like he had Alzheimer's in depostions)

Linda Lovelace (how can you not be impressed?)

Jim Nabors (No one uttered "Golly" like he did)

Richard Nixon (that line of his, "sock it to me?" was killer):





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For different generes, like Comedy, I think Chris Farley stole the show when he was one the TV, there wasnt a moment that dude didnt make you laugh. He wasnt here long but he was the best during his time.


Val Kilmer, Tom Hanks , Robert Redford and Di niro are my favs for everything else.


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