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1. St. Louis Rams: DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska. The common belief is that the Rams will select Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford with this pick. It has quite a high likelihood of occurring even if they don’t trade the pick to Cleveland, but the Rams may go after Suh for several reasons. One is money. Quarterbacks seem to always demand a higher salary. The argument is of course that it is the most important position, but with a roster that already has two top-two drafted players in the last two years still on their rookie contracts, it might help to conserve a little on this top pick (relatively speaking). They also have shown interest in Texas star Colt McCoy, who is also a talented quarterback and will probably be around in the second round when the Rams again pick first. There won’t be another Suh waiting at 33. Considering the teams immediately following the Rams have a lot of money tied up in quarterbacks, the real question is: How far does Bradford slide?


2. Detroit Lions: OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State. This guy has been at the top of the draft board for tackles for as long as I can remember. Detroit needs a lot of help defensively, especially after having traded away LB Ernie Sims on Monday. But offensively they have a tremendous receiver, who is also a great deep threat in Calvin Johnson. Matthew Stafford cannot get him the ball if he can’t stay on his feet. Detroit goes after a left tackle to protect their franchise quarterback.


3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma. The first Oklahoma player taken in this draft is not Bradford, but McCoy. He looks to be a great fit for the Bucs, and a no-brainer defensive lineman pick since Suh has been grabbed two spots earlier.


4. Washington Redskins: OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa. Bradford becomes an attractive pick here, as the Redskins’ Donovan McNabb is not exactly a sure bet to start sixteen games, and could be a good mentor for a quarterback. But the Redskins don’t trade for a quarterback just to draft one at number four a few weeks later. They go tackle here to replace the retired Chris Samuels.


5. Kansas City Chiefs: S Eric Berry, Tennessee. Though tackle is a need and after Okung there is no consensus number two (or three, now that Bulaga is in Washington), the Chiefs can’t pass on Berry. An extremely talented safety, and the highest rated DB in the draft, Berry will help a Chiefs secondary that was absolutely atrocious at several points last year. Visions of Miles Austin going for 250 come to mind.


6. Seattle Seahawks: OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers. The run on tackles continues here. The Seahawks still believe in Matt Hasselbeck and traded for a second quarterback in Charlie Whitehurst as a possible eventual starter. Again, Bradford looks good for this team but Davis helps them more now than another quarterback.


7. Cleveland Browns: QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma. The Browns are rejoicing here as they have an opportunity to select a franchise quarterback after so many have failed at the position. Bradford’s skill-set and media savvy may keep Cleveland sports fans excited even after LeBron goes to New Jersey (what?).


For the rest of the MOcK uP go HeRe

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even if bradford falls into our lap i wouldn't pick him. DE, OL or hopefully berry. none of the QB's this year are worth a first round pick and as we know two of them (bradford and mccoy) have lingering injury issues. huge risk in the first round. plenty of value in the second and third rounds.

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