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When the season ended and the first mocks came out, we were supposedly locked to take CB Joe Haden. The Redskins were a cinch to take a QB and Marc Bulger was still on the Rams. Sixty or so hours to go and the more I think about it, the more things have changed.


Perhaps two months ago, we were desperate for a DB, RT, WR and QB. We signed Pashos, traded for Brown and acquired Delhomme and Wallace. So now, things change.


We now have some flexibility. Maybe Sam Bradford ISN'T the first overall pick (I think he will be BTW). If he slides to #7 and we have to roll with the changes and we take him...then are we disappointed that we didn't take Haden or whatever other DB was available? Do we get disappointed over guys that can't help immediately?


If Bradford and Berry are both gone and we can't trade out are we taking Joe Haden who'll be our third best CB assuming Brown doesn't move to safety? Do we HAVE to? Are we disappointed to take Haden considering the above?


What if we decide to take Spiller over Haden? Is everyone on the board in mutiny? Is DawgPound Mike demanding another meeting with Lerner?


I think that with all of the mocks floating around and all of the analysts weighing in and guys "shooting up" the boards....it gets easy to miss the obvious which is that the Browns have more flexibility to take the best player available than they did a month or two ago.


On a side note, I don't like these guys whose stocks shoot up late in the process. If they weren't good enough to be first rounders a month ago then they shouldn't be now (unless, of course, they were good enough and the poker faces are breaking down now...)

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