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Browns will play Steelers week 6 & 17


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Week 6 - Browns @ Steelers Sunday, Oct 17th 2010 1:00 PM ET

Week 17 - Steelers @ Browns Sunday, Jan 2nd 2011 1:00 PM ET



Happy New Years! last game of the season in Cleveland against the Steelers for the division title!



--the key is to contain their QB, Dennis Dixon

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Kinda sad them tools got 5 prime time games, only because their franchise QB made the headlines during the off-season.


We always get a bunch of prime time games and lol @ the notion that it's because of Big Ben.

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Whether or not our team is good (depends on what you consider 9-7) we have a loyal fan base that brings in ratings.



The "loyal" fan base has nothing to do with it. The Browns have just as loyal a fan base and got no games. It is a perception of how good the networks think you will be, and how good you have been in the recent past. When the Browns were 10-6 a couple of years ago, they got 5 Prime time games the following year on the belief that they would be an exciting, winning team. But they blew it by going 4-12, so the following year they got 1 prime time game. And after going 5-11 last year...and being a completely dull team in the process except for a game or two, they get no prime time games this year. Locally, the Browns have better ratings than just about any team in the league...even in bad losing seasons. So loyal following is no factor.

The freak show that is now the Steelers may, however, be a factor. Everybody likes a freak show.

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