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1st Navy Seal Court Martial is over

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Navy SEAL Cleared in Iraq Abuse CaseUpdated: 1 hour 30 minutes ago


Lauren Frayer



AOL News (April 22) -- A jury has cleared a Navy SEAL of all charges in an abuse case involving an Iraqi prisoner accused of planning a grisly 2004 attack where the charred bodies of Blackwater guards were hanged from a bridge over the Euphrates river.


A six-member U.S. Navy jury in Baghdad deliberated for two hours this morning before acquitting 1st Petty Officer Julio Huertas of failing to prevent the prisoner from being beaten. He's the first of three Navy SEALs to go on trial in the case, whose proceedings have been detailed by several news agencies.


The Iraqi prisoner in question was accused of masterminding a 2004 ambush in Fallujah, where four American security contractors were killed. Their burned bodies were then dragged through the streets, and two were hanged from a bridge in ghastly iconic images that marked a turning point early in the Iraq war. Those images became symbols of the growing power of Iraq's insurgency, and prompted a huge American invasion into Fallujah later that year.




Hopefully the other two will also be cleared.

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So, the only evidence, I guess, was the lying say so of a terrorist, who was trained to


lie about being abused ?


And this went this far.........why?


Can't WAIT til the other soldiers are cleared.

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Corrected. Don't ever call a SEAL a Soldier!


My bad. @@


I was a "soldier", but wouldn't have been qualified to even apply to

be considered to go to SEAL training. GGG

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