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Mentor slighted by the Plain Dealer once again


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Every year the Plain Dealer comes out with a Poll prior to the start of the Playoffs with a vote of "which football teams you think will win state champions.".


Each year Brunswick & Glenville are among the list and each year Mentor is not. (despite Mentor knocking both out last year and Glenville the past two years)


The choices this season are:

[*]Cincinnati Colerain[/*:m:1oz86xic]

[*]Cincinnati Elder[/*:m:1oz86xic]


[*]Pickerington Central[/*:m:1oz86xic]

[*]St. Ignatius [/*:m:1oz86xic]


I mean is it so hard the past two seasons to list the one school from your viewing area that has actually made it to the State Championship game the year(s) prior?


Last season they at least had a blog that you could reply to and tell them what a bunch of asswipes they are for excluding the biggest public school in their area and also most successful over that time ... this year they do not. Must be what I typed to them in years past.

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