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I remember finals.


One time, in a large world history class, we had a small midterm. Everybody did pretty well...


for the final exam, there were only 3 questions on the test. The 3 questions were on content that was NOT in


our textbook, and NOT mentioned in lectures.


The content came from a book he recommended to only those students who met with him during his office


hours and apparently asked for help. Or brought him a cup of coffee or something....


18% of the class passed with a "C" or better. The rest of us?


I got a D. :angry: Ended up with a "C" for the course.


I hope you guys did great on your finals. GGG

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Right now I'm just a Nursing major. I need to get a good, new job asap and this is the quickest route in the medical field. (besides maybe an LPN course somewhere) At my age and with my expenses medical school is just about out of the question, but the plan is to become a PA if I can't make it work somehow.


This Microbiology course was probably that hardest I've ever taken, I guess it doesn't help when the professor is the HEAD of the Biology Dept. I ended up with a very high "b", only a few points away from an "a". Oh well, I did get an "a" in the other big science class this semester, Anatomy and Physiology.

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I think I should have gone into nursing as an orthepedic surgeon assistant.


But back then, they didn't have bionic knees, arth. surgery, etc.


eh... too bad.


that's a skill that would never go obsolete. "sigh"

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